Intec Supplies - Infinite Prime Wireless security kit with bell

KITPR3WES - Prime Security Kit with external sounder OBSOLETE

  • Infinite Prime Control Panel
  • 3x Inf Pet Pir's
  • 1x Inf Magnetic Switch
  • 1x inf Fob
  • C/W built in speech dialler
  • 1x INF-WES External Sounder
  • Modular Security and Control
    An established, field-proven solution using one-way wireless FM technology, Prime features modular flexibility. Security, safety and comfort receive equal priority, with features that enable Home Automation.

    The robust Prime system takes advantage of PSTN and/or GSM connectivity and is compatible with all of EL’s wireless keypads and other peripherals. Service providers and end-users can customize Prime in all its essential functions: SMS event notifications, remote installation of programs and upgrades, audio communication, range extension and more.

    Main Features
    • Wireless FM technology
    • PSTN/GSM as primary or backup communication modules
    • DTMF/SMS/voice alerts and event notifications to end-users
    • SIA (SMS/voice) and Contact ID (voice) via PSTN/GSM event reporting
    • Event-triggered initiation of two-way voice communication – full duplex/simplex
    • Remote programming via PSTN/GSM
    • Serial port for onsite laptop programming and firmware updates
    • Multi-lingual visual, textual and audible voice messages and notifications
    Robust, Encrypted FM Technology
    • Incorporates FM technology for enhanced RF noise immunity
    • Digital RSSI (Reception Signal Strength Indication)
    • Robust anti-collision transmission
    • 66 bits encryption with SecuriCode™ technology (hopping and rolling code)
    • Two-stage transmitter for improved frequency stability
    Unique Installer Tools
    • Menu-driven programming for quick and easy installation
    • PC Connect for local programming and firmware upgrades
    • Modular, plug & play system configuration for quick and easy expansion
    • Simple and fast wireless device registration
    • Advanced remote programming software
      - Fast up/downloading via PSTN or GSM
      - Delete keyfobs remotely
       - Upload status of all wireless devices
    • 3 customizable default programs for presenting all system parameters, minimizing on-site system configuration
    • Installer built-in utilities
      - Real-time transmitter list and status, visible and audible signal strength meter
      - GSM network coverage indication(GSM module required)
       - Smart walk test; transmitter test; wireless siren test; internal siren test; interface test
    • Range extender repeater for expansive installations

    Featuring state of the art accessories and secure transmission, this is the ultimate home security system for any safety-conscious homeowner.

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